Island Memorial Funeral Home by Fred Saint Amand

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Island Memorial Funeral Home is providing services with excellence and grace. This funeral home was established by Fred Saint Amand. We serve whole heartedly to our West Indian, Caribbean and Hispanic Communities.

We provide the services according to the families’ choice in order to lessen their grief. Losing someone is very hard to time for the family and we comprehend the situation and serve you as you want to send off your loved ones. Our precedence is to maintain your conviction and fidelity upon Island Memorial Funeral Home. You can take us as your companion of sorrow. We will stand by you through the tough time of trailing your nearest and dearest.

Our main focus is your expediency and relieve. We provide you an atmosphere of satisfaction, like your own home’s convenience. We provide our professional skills to manage your loved one’s departure well. We take extraordinary care about the conventions to be followed in the manner to make the ceremony memorable.

Work History

  • Owner- Island Memorial Funeral Home (East Orange, NJ) 2011 – Present
  • Provide Traditional Funeral and Cremation Services for families
  • Manage operations with over 20 employees
  • Manage the administrative and facilities process
  • Specializing in Cultural Funeral requests for West Indian and Hispanic Families
  • First Haitian Family Owned Funeral Home in the State of New Jersey
  • Vice-President- Pax-Villa Funeral Homes; (3) Chapels in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Florida 1999 – 2011
  • Provided Traditional Funeral Services for families
  • Managed operations with over 30 employees
  • Managed the administrative and facilities process for Pax-villa Funeral homes
  • Provided support after 9/11
  • First Haitian Family Owned Funeral Home in the State of Florida
  • Police Officer/Detective- North Miami Police Dept. 1992 – 1999
  • Duties included assignment to Uniform Patrol, Community Patrol, Investigations including several units, Juvenile, general Investigation, Homicide, Robbery, & Domestic Violence.
  • Provide Loss Prevention knowledge, training and consulting to several retail stores.
  • Provide in-depth intelligence for coordinating, planning, and executing criminal investigations.


  • Miami-Dade Community College 1990 – 1992
  • Associates in Criminal Justice
  • University Of Miami 1988 – 1990
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology
  • Minor in Computer Science

Our skilled staff:

Our staff is originally trained to comfort your sorrow along with gratifying your funeral demand. Ethics is the empowerment of our professional staff. Every worker serves under the regulations and principles of Fred Saint Amand. Once you have hired us then it is our duty to enables you to prevail over the sorrows. We have experienced and caring staff for families. Every family is like our own as we have utmost veracity.

At Fred Saint Amand’s Island Memorial Funeral Home we appreciate the difference of every family. So, we arrange everything according to your wishes and demands. If you need anything then we are here and we will arrange it in front of you.

Our aspiration:

Being your family, our goal is to make a comfort zone for you at the hardest time in your life. Island Memorial Funeral Home was basically established to meet the demands for fair priced funerals without sacrificing personal care and dignity.

Your concern is our responsibility:

On the occasion of death, it is normal to feel agony and distress. It is possible that you may not be competent to fulfill the demands of your dead person due to wretchedness.  Come and visit us we will bring your wishes into reality. If you are concerned about any special thing for your dear ones don’t worry about it, we will make it for you as we are experienced and trustworthy funeral home. It is our responsibility to share your burden at the hour of need.

Our proficiency and skills:

  1. Researching and detailing:

According to Fred Saint Amand’s services, we have a keen eye for details, interrogation, and research. As we want to deliver the best and memorable day for you. The death is subject to the last good-bye so, we use our research properly and do not leave any wish or requirement disgruntled.

  1. The performance with excellence:

Here we perform our duties at optimal levels including highly stressful situations such as homicide, narcotics busts, and minor traffic violations. We perform our duty well under every stipulation good or bad. In every matter, we are trustworthy and reliable.

  1. Solution maker:

Due to our immense experience, we have exceptional analytical, innovative, and imaginative problem-solver. If you panic any problem tell us we will fix it as we have a team of solution-makers. Don’t bother about anything let us handle that.

  1. Experience of investigation:

As a team, we have extensive experience in investigations, preliminary crime scene investigations, and security investigations.

  1. Good state of mind and fitness:

We surely uphold the level of fitness and good state of mind. We have the powerful physical stamina to perform at optimal level. At the painful and tragic time of death, we have the commanding control over our nerves. We feel sad for you but do not lose our own temper instead we heal your pain.

  1. Certified Law Enforcement Instructor:

Being a good service provider we have State Certified Law Enforcement Instructor (I.T.W), Southeast Florida Institute of Criminal Justice- 1996.

  1. Instructor and investigation team:

Here we have Instructor- Cultural Diversity and Property Crimes Investigations. It may help our customers in a better way.

  1. Safety in all measures:

In Island Memorial Funeral Home, we provide the reflective ability to operate assigned vehicles safely and effectively under various road conditions.

  1. Perfect planning to reach the destination:

We have exceptional ability to plan routes to specific locations and to properly estimate the time required to reach the locations.

So, you can avail many advantages by choosing us. Our privilege is to serve the best as every person is imperative for us.